STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION when right clicking an Entry widget

I am using the gtk (gtk3) cargo package version 0.17.1 to build a desktop application for windows with the Rust programming language. My Installed GTK version is 3.24.37. I use an Entry widget in my window and, when debugging, I attempt to click the widget 3 times. Sometimes it will freeze after the first right click, the right click menu will not popup and the program will crash with the following error:

process didn't exit successfully: ... (exit code: 0xc0000005, STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION)

Sometimes this occurs after 3 right clicks. I am also experiencing the same crash and variable frequency upon trying to paste UTF-8 text into the Entry.

    let groupname_box = SearchEntry::builder()

    let scroll_window = ScrolledWindow::builder()

    let view = GtkBox::builder()

    groupname_box.connect_paste_clipboard(move |box_context| {
        log("token box pasted");

    groupname_box.connect_button_release_event(move |_, _| {

Please advise the best way to fix this behaviour. Is this a bug that was fixed in GTK4? Am I handling user input events badly? Something else?

Hi @DoubleCouponDay! Not sure, but from the description it sounds like Windows: Crash when pressing Ctrl+V in a GtkTextView if the clipboard has no text (#5678) · Issues · GNOME / gtk · GitLab.

Nowdays GTK3 is in long-term maintenance mode, so you may consider building from the gtk-3-24 branch

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