State of the eGPU on Gnome

Hi everyone,

I have an eGPU that I’ve spent the last couple weeks trying to make work. My conclusion is that currently Gnome (and maybe Wayland too?) still needs some work to make everything work seamlessly.
My fist question is from the point of view of Gnome is an eGPU the same as a dGPU? If it is indeed the case then it makes matters easier to debug since most issues found online deal with setups involving dGPUs.
My current setup : external monitor → eGPU → laptop. The issue is that the monitor runs at 30 fps while it’s capable of 144. My understanding is that for some reason frames go back and forth between the eGPU and the iGPU creating an overhead and saturating the thunderbolt link.
Also, when I force the eGPU to be the main one, the laptop’s screen goes black. I think this is a known issue.

I would appreciate if someone more knowledgeable could provide more information and maybe explain what needs to be done to make everything work as intended.