State of GNOME Mobile in 2023

There hasn’t been much info in an entire year from what I can see. Is GNOME Mobile still in development? I have a x86 tablet i want to try and use it on yet i can’t find any info if it’s even an active project. How would one go about installing it on x86?

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Progress is steady, although it’s still not really ready for general consumption. General “it’s your own fault if you brick your device” disclaimers apply.

There are images available via postmarketOS, and an overview with instructions for Arch on the OnePlus 6 with informational links.

There aren’t really regular status updates, and the work largely hasn’t been merged into the main project. There links to some blog posts and presentations in the Arch instructions that are informative, but not technical or terribly detailed.

Thank you for the response! Is there any was to build it on x86? I don’t have any ARM devices to try.

I guess just build it from the repositories (Files · mobile-shell-devel · Jonas Dreßler / gnome-shell · GitLab & Files · mobile-shell-devel · Jonas Dreßler / mutter · GitLab) in that case?

You might have to reference the instruction for Arch and pick out some other steps, I’m not sure I’ve heard of anyone off-hand doing that.

I would really like to find a way to contribute to this project. Is there a way I can get into contact with Jonas Dreßler or anyone else who is actively working on the mobile shell project?

Aside from the repositories above, there is a channel on Matrix:

I’m trying to make an account but it says:
“Your email domain is not authorized to register on this server”

I’ve tried and

Do I need a email? I’m not sure how I can get that.

Th server is for Foundation members. For now, you can register an account on the server. You’ll still be able to join the room; Matrix is federated.

1 Like ← this link should take you there, using the main matrix server. Sorry about the confusing link!

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