SSH agent (gcr) doesn't work on CLI

Asked this on reddit as well, but I thought it’s better to ask here, so…

I wanted to ssh to my work laptop (as I did before) and do some work from home.

I did this before and remember that if I wanted to ssh from the work laptop to any other server, it asked for my private key’s password (only the first time) on cli and everything was ok.

Yesterday, I wanted to do the same, but it just stuck on ssh user@....

Turns out, a GUI opened up on the work laptop, and asked for my private key’s password.

Now I’m sure that this is new and it shouldn’t happen when I clearly doing ssh and don’t have access to GUI.

I don’t know what’s changed here, because I’ve used this method a few months ago and not after that.

The only thing that I remember is migrating from gnome-keyring to gcr (as it says here).

ssh-agent private-key works fine on cli and works on ssh as well, but I don’t want the prompt to be in GUI when I’m working on ssh.

So any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

So no one encountered this?