Source code for gnome

How do I download the gnome source code. I would like to build my own gui for ubuntu server.


Do you mean the GNOME SDK (software development kit) for building a new application?

You can get it on flatpak, see here: Flatpak

There are a bunch of guides and tutorials here:

Hi there I mean I would Like to make my own ubuntu servers gui

Sorry I mean make my own desktop environment gui on ubuntu server

I think this is a bit of an XY problem:

  • why would you want to use a GUI on a server?
  • why would you want to build things from scratch when your Linux distribution already has packages for it?

So I guess the real question is: what are you actually trying to achieve?

The source code is available here but you might be underestimating the scope of what you’re proposing. I would start out with something guided like Linux From Scratch to give yourself a reasonable chance of success.

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