Source code for "Getting Started" app

The GNOME Developer Docs “Getting Started” example requires you to install and run Builder. You auto-generate the project structure then make edits to the boilerplate code. Is there a source code repo for this example for someone who is not auto-genning the project?

I want to continue to learn this content but forcing me into an un-familiar IDE feels wrong.

I haven’t pushed the code to a Git repository because I need to structure the history in such a way to mirror the documentation, which isn’t precisely effort-free.

I’ll try to work on this whenever I have some time; the main issue is that I often go back and review the steps in the various chapters of the Getting Started guide. This would imply breaking the history of the repository, which is, of course, something I cannot do.

If, in the future, the template and/or the API changes, and new facilities are introduced, the code repository would also need to be broken.

The GNOME project strongly recommends the following tools:

  • GNOME Builder
  • Meson
  • Flatpak

You are, of course, free to use whatever you want; but our documentation cannot be unconstrained or unbound from specific tools. Documentation without constraints becomes hard to write and hard to maintain. So it’s not really “wrong” per se to tell you that you’ll get the best experience possible with the tools that the GNOME project recommends.

We have limited resources—maintainers, contributors, documentation writers—and asking to have documentation that is harder to write and maintain is making an unreasonable request of what is, effectively, a completely volunteer-based effort.

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First off, I appreciate the continued work on the documentation. Believe me when I say I’ve been all over the internet looking for ways to better grasp GTK and get my toy apps running. Looking at this Getting Started set is exciting because it looks so good!

Through the gtk docs I’ve discovered Meson and am having fun converting some of my CMake projects over to it to see how it works. I’m down with Meson, for sure.

I’ve been aware of Flatpak but haven’t worked with it. I look forward to learning its place and how it can be of use to me.

It’s just the IDE that bothers me. I get that it’s in-house but my experiences with Xcode and VS have made me leary of relying on an IDE to do all my work for me. Maybe when I get stronger as a developer that will change but I’m newer and I like getting my hands on stuff.

So again, I appreciate you and your efforts! I also appreciate you answering my irritating questions here and on reddit. I’m an adult educator so I know how disruptive needy students can be!

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