Sorting search results

I’ve been wondering for a while that you can’t sort the search results output based on the columns. Nor that you can specify the columns displayed. Is anything still being done in this direction?

What version of Files do you have? Doing a search with Files 43.1 in list view I can sort on columns and add columns as per the usual way. Same in grid view, I can change the sort order the usual way.

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Indeed, this has been finally resolved thanks to the new views that have been under development for many years and debuted with GTK4.

The reasons why it wasn’t possible before were both for tecnical reasons and interaction design issues. In short, there needed to be a way to restore the default search results order (by “relevance” of the results), and the old list view (GtkTreeView) didn’t allow for that.

indeed, just updated to 43.0 and voilà got the column sorting. that was a neet x-mas gift.

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