Something like AdwFlap but with vertical orientation/animation

Hi, I am searching for a way to have something that behaves like an AdwFlap, but reveals vertically.
Would I need to implement this from scratch (maybe based off AdwFlap)?
I’ve tried using a GtkOverlay with a GtkRevealer, but it would be transparent and overlap everything.
I’m not to experienced (yet) with Gtk in general, but just a hint in which direction I should look would be greatly appreciated.

I want to create an option overview, where you can select different styles of text and linespacing, etc.
To have it more mobile friendly and be behave more like a typical mobile app,
I want to click on a button in the header bar → a box (overlay) slides up and does not fill the whole window.
Would also be great if I would be able to swipe it down.
Something like this (drew a simple mockup):

AdwFlap is orientable, but it’s deprecated. What exactly are you trying to implement?

I didn’t know AdwFlap was orientable. I just saw your blog post and it seams the replacement of AdwFlap won’t be, if I understood correctly.
I edited my post. Hopefully it’s more clear what I want. If not, I can look for a screenshot to expand more on it.

Marked as solved:
Since I now know, AdwFlap implements Orientable, that would be what I need.
You said in your blog post, that there probably will be a specialized bottom sheet in the future. That would be what I need. Because of the deprecation, for now I’ll try to implement something based off of it myself.

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