Some of the samples in the Workbench app don't actually work

I’ve installed Workbench from Flathub, on Fedora 39. Most of the samples seem to work great, but for example, the Navigation Split View doesn’t. It pops up the expected editor window, but the Preview is empty, and tapping “Run” does nothing. Same with Header Bar, and a few others.

This seems like a good opportunity for me to learn how to diagnose weirdness with Flatpak, so I can file a good bug report, but I don’t know where to start - which is why I’m asking here.

To start, what’s the best way to see the log output of a flatpak app?

If you have questions about Workbench it is best to ask in the Matrix room. Also make sure that you read the README and CONTRIBUTING
As for the issues you have - they are a know regression and there is an attempt to fix it, but because of the holidays it can take a while.

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