Some minimizing animation goes to wrong direction

I have turned on the minimize titlebar button in tweak, when I click it on a window which isn’t in my favorites, the animation may go to the activities position on the top panel, rather than going to the dock side. In the imgur video, gnome-setting went to the wrong coner, while gnome-extensions went to the dock, they both aren’t in my favorites. The apps in my favorites, like firefox, works fine all the time by the way during my test.

I’m wondering if this problem comes from the dock extension? The picture below lists all my installed extensions, they are all up to date at my posting time. And my gnome and linux-zen are all up to date according to Arch repository, too.

Yes. Without extensions, windows minimize to the Activities button, because the overview is the place where you can unminimize them again.

Thanks for reply. And is there a way to force every app minimize to dock? My tests shows app sometime went corner, but after some tries, they went to dock. I just want them to be stable, and every app goes to one certain place.

Yes, MetaWindow has a set_icon_geometry() method to specify the screen location it should minimize to.

I suspect your dock extension only calls that for windows that are represented in the dock (which kinda makes sense).

But as I said, it’s up to extensions to call that method.

OK, thanks again! Maybe I’m going to modify the source code of the dock extension and build by myself.

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