Some IMAP folders missing

Hi all,
I am using Geary as shipped with Pop!OS 20.10 (Ubuntu/
I have two IMAP accounts on two different servers. One of them doesn’t show all the folders I have under the inbox. Bizarrely, only one folder appears in Geary, out of three.
If I connect to my account via webmail or Thunderbird client, all folders are there and OK.
Any clues?

Hi Marc, after Geary starts and finishes synchronising, can you save the logs as described in the bug reporting guidelines and either add them to and link to them here or attach to a new issue on gitlab for analysis. Cheers!

Ok thank you, will try.
When I had the (big) crash on the first day, I tried but had to install apport which also crashed :frowning:
But I’ll do my best to provide accurate reporting.

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