[SOLVED] Thumbnails for images on server not showing

Hi there,

I switched from Mint Mate to Manjaro Gnome recently and while I like the gnome desktop overall, there are some small thing that annoy me, like e.g. images on our dataserver (over samba) don’t show thumbnails in Files/Nautilus, as opposed to images on the local machine, like e.g. in my home directory. On Mint I didn’t have a problem with this in Caja, thumbnails for the images on the server were generated just fine. So, I don’t know why this might be, could anyone enlighten me here please? Thanks :slight_smile:


In the preferences there’s a setting that allows you to choose whether tumbnails should be shown either only for files on the computer, or for all files (network mounts included), or never. So I guess that the setting is set to the first one on your computer, which is I think the default choice if my memory’s correct.

That’s was the problem, thanks a lot vanadiae! :smiley:

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