【Solved】The button in Customized Dialog can't response the signal_clicked?

The code is here:

So…I can’t find any example in the GTKMM4.0’s doc about the GTK::Dialog
对话框(Dialogs) (gnome.org)

I made this but has some warning…
Is there any other way to assign the layout of Gtk::Dialog without this warning?

(test.exe:14644): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 21:54:07.439: gtk_box_append: assertion ‘gtk_widget_get_parent (child) == NULL’ failed

Haha, Find the trick without warning:
1st bind it to the dialog for assign response_id
2nd unpack it from the dialog
3rd set parent to other widget again

so. is it necessary to expose a function “set_action_widget_response_id”?

That’s not how anything works.

You don’t connect to the “clicked” signal on a dialog’s buttons. You connect to the dialog’s “response” signal, and then you assign a response code to each button.

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Tks! I really should read the doc and try some code at first…
Thank you!

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