[Solved] Open file in folder opens... VLC ?!

Hi !

Still trying to get a hold on my other problem (here), i changed my OS to Ubuntu Bungie, reinstalled my photo collection and opened shotwell.

But i have now another weird behavior, when i click on open in file manager, it launches VLC, and i have no idea how in the world that happens. Neither in budgie’s preferences or shotwell’s is vlc default for images, but even then, it’s not supposed to open the file, but the folder in which it is… Any idea about this new witchcraft?

Have a nice day!

Sorry, no idea, it either uses DBus (org.freedesktop.FileManager) to launch the file manager, or gtk_show_uri_on_window, both should use the system configuration for “inode/directory”

Thanks again for your quick answer. To be honest, i’m not sure what to do with your message, it’s a bit over my skills threshold. But…

I realised the problem was way simpler, even a bit stupid when i tried to open a folder on my desktop. Which opened in VLC… The default application for budgie to open a file folder was not defined. I set the file manager as default, which changed the behavior shotwell as well.

So consider me solved. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Edit : i tried to edit my original post to change the title to [solved]… but i cannot edit the original post, if anyone can do that for me :wink:

Oh sorry I assumed that you already checked the default application for folders.

yeah, do not be sorry, it’s my bad, i feel kinda stupid, tbh :rofl:

i’m used to macOS’ finder, and the file manager being a standalone app kinda threw me off there…

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