[Solved] Missing files and folders - my own cluelessness

In tracking down an unrelated problem, I went looking for emails which contained a particular string just by using grep. That led me to the appropriate maildir mailbox, where in Balsa, I could then search for that content in the body of the message. However, I found a mailbox where the desired message didn’t appear at all. In fact, the cur and new folders contain a total of over 100 message, but Balsa says there are 81. It is not a question of any filter or hidden messages. I have checked a few of the files which Balsa does not show, but haven’t detected any reason for the discrepancy. In addition. I have a folder below my top mail folder, and it contains several further maildir folders. Most, but not all of them are seen by Balsa. However, there are a few which Balsa just does not seem to see. I have tried to add a new maildir mailbox, but those few folders simply do not show up on the list of folders to select. The permissions of all the folders and files are identical to the ones Balsa does see.
Any suggestions on what else I might check? This is with 2.6.4-70-gefc3cd3e8. I’ll try a new compile and report back if it makes any difference.

Per Emily Litella: “Never mind.” In my attempt to find the information I was looking for, I had ssh’d into my laptop from my desktop. On occasion, I scp my full mail hierarchy from the desktop to the laptop for access while travelling, but use that read-only. Unfortunately, it turns out my update script does not delete stuff I have previously deleted on the desktop. Fortunately, that info might end up helping in my search.

Sorry for the noise, but it’s been too quiet here anyway. :slight_smile:

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