Solidworks thinks it is on a server while running on Windows in Gnome-boxes

Hello all.

This is a specific problem I am having on Gnome-boxes.
I have been trying to install Soldiworks on a Windows which I run in Gnome-boxes. The installation of Windows10 goes well, no issues there (8 Gb of RAM, 8 threads of CPU, 128 Gb storage). I go to the Solidworks website provided by the University course guide and download the software on VM (Win10). I start the installation and input production key provided by the course only to be prompted that I need to provide server key to activate the product. I am not sure how I can circumvent this problem, except maybe making a clean install of Win… which is not feasible.

I have the same problem running QEMU.

Any info needed, I’ll happily provid

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