Smooth handling of scaling and mirror on external monitor

I use gnome (with some extensions) as a daily driver on my laptop. My $DAYJOB is teaching and research so I spend my days plugging my laptop into the AV of theaters, labs, meeting rooms etc… for lectures/presentations. I always use mirroring, never desktop extensions (since e.g. in theaters it’s critical for me to have a visual feedback of what’s projected behind me). My laptop is a Dell XPS, intel chipset and everything works smoothly. The only problem is that my screen is 4k 3840x2160, so I use a scaling factor of 200%. There are almost no external screen that I use that supports this resolution, so when mirroring, everything jumps back to anything between 1024x768 to 1920x1080. At that size, 200% is way to much, sometimes the preference window does not fit on the screen.

Q: is there a way to automatically have the scaling factor go to 100% when the resolution is too small ? jumping 4+ clicks to go to settings, screen, switching manually, apply, is cumbersome, when not downright impossible because the pref windows is too big.