Slow start in Windows 10

Sometimes I have to use Windows 10. That’s why I tried meld with Windows 10. But compared to Linux, Meld is starting slow on Windows 10. Compare speed is nearby identical, but startup time is insane. Is there anything i can do to speed up application start?

There is two problems with Meld’s startup speed on windows.

Do you mean “3-10 seconds startup” or “30seconds-5minutes startup”?

First is “3-10 seconds startup”, and it lacks known solution. However from my experience the nexts starts of meld are faster then first.

The “30seconds-5minutes startup” is another problem that sometimes reproduces when attached network drives changes connectivity status - see
For this case - rebot helps. After reboot with “cleanly connected” network drives or without them at all - the startup should be 2-10seconds depending on hardware.

Today as my first time, i have tried this on Windows. Unfortunately, i have no admin rights on the used Laptop. I can only unpack the msi packet and use this as portable version. Privately i use only Linux and i love meld to compare my files. I have also no control ho the network shares are mounted, this is controlled by some policy.

I will try some things tomorrow, but if it will not work as expected, i will stick with the pre-installed winmerge.

I have retested now. It is the “3-10 seconds startup” delay. And yes, the first startup is near 10 seconds and the next ones are mostly by 4 or 5 seconds.

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