Slow keyboard layout switcher

A laptop with Intel® Core™ i7-9750H and 16GB of RAM and Fedora 38/Gnome 44.1. For a few Fedora releases the layout switcher is horrendously slow, about 1.5 seconds - the input focus goes somewhere, a huge banner in the center appears (telling about the switching) and the focus goes back. 1.5s does not sound like much but it is very annoying when typing fast. It does not depend on the number of running apps, just slow.

Is there any way to make it real quick, as it used to be, 0.5s would be nice?

So far I only found a dconf setting to suppress the huge banner but the input focus still goes away, comes back and the switching is same slow.

I understand the laptop is slow-ish (another one with Ryzen 7 5850U switches quicker, less than a second) but still…

That sounds like you are using the X11 session which is significantly slower in switching keyboard layouts than Wayland. I would suggest trying the Wayland session.


but I’ve always been on X11 and it was not that slow before. And Wayland does not allow restarting Gnome (alt-f2 + “r”) which is a dealbreaker as Gnome requires restarting once every few days, or it becomes very sluggish.

Just for curiosity sake, you can follow this issue to get the updates on this feature of restarting Gnome Shell on Wayland:

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well either way the problem is jumping focus rather than x11<->wayland.

The focus jumping is X11 specific as well.

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