Simple animations in Gtkmm

Hi, I’m using Gtkmm4 ,I would like to create a blinking button.
Can anyone point me to an example or explanation of how animations work in Gtkmm4?
I have read the article GTK4 Animations, a strawman proposal
but I’m not sure transitions can do the trick, and I couldn’t find an “add_transition()” method in Gtk::Widget gtkmm: Gtk::Widget Class Reference.
I can see there are css animation related properties:
GTK CSS properties · GitHub
Can anyone explain or give an example of how to use them?

The strawman proposal hasn’t been implemented, yet—it’s only a proposal.

If you want to implement animations, you should start from gtk_widget_add_tick_callback().

Thx! What about css animation properties? Can I use the “animation” property? How do I do that? Can I animate the background color of a label using css?

GTK’s CSS support transitions. There are examples in the GTK Demo application.

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