Signal removed from gtkmm3

Hi, I am trying to catch the event for button focus change in gtkmm4.
I’ve stumbled on gtkmm3 documentation for signal_enter() and signal_leave().
signal_enter ()
Why were these signals removed? What can I use instead? I wish you’d document such changes and how we’re supposed to handle them during migration from gtkmm3 to 4

You should read the migration guide. It’s for the C API, which is what the GTK developers maintain, but it should help you even with the C++ bindings. In this specific case, you may want to use a GtkEventControllerMotion.

I’m sure the C++ bindings developers would appreciate a port of the migration guide specific to C++. You should ask them on the gtkmm mailing list, as they don’t really read Discourse.

Thx! Do you happen to know of any gtkmm developer forums?

I linked you to the gtkmm mailing list; I don’t know of other forums.

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