Show a single icon in the dash

I created a Gtk.Application that has several Gtk.ApplicationWindows. The problem is that, under Wayland, the dash shows one icon per window, no mattering that it is a single application. Under X11 it shows a single icon.

Is it possible to show a single icon in Wayland too?


Have you followed the check list available on the wiki?

The most important part is that your application must have a desktop file installed either under XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications (system-wide) or XDG_DATA_HOME/applications (user).

Ok, that’s the problem… and being an extension, I don’t think it could be feasible to add a .desktop file.

Thanks anyway.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with dumping a .desktop file into ~/.local/share/applications. If it’s associated with a proper executable, which later disappears, so should the menu(s) entry.

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