Shotwell Missing Files

I have two M.2 nvme drives installed. One of the hard drives labeled “Scratch” is only for keeping photos and files and it mounts at startup and is always available. I have Shotwell pointing to a folder on the Scratch drive where all these photos are located. This setup worked for a year or so but recently I reformatted my main hard drive and reinstalled Shotwell on this fresh copy of Linux Mint however the Scratch drive remained the same. I opened Shotwell for the first time and it was blank as expected so I went to preferences → Library Location and chose the folder on the Scratch drive where my photos are. I also check the box that says Watch Library directory for new files. After closing the box, Shotwell will start scanning the directory and bringing the photos in working as normal. After I close the program and open it back up, Shotwell shows that all the photos are now missing files. I can see back in the preferences that the folder I told Shotwell to watch is now blank and even going back and re-selecting the folder does not help. I have tried closing Shotwell and then deleting the Shotwell folder under the .local directory to clear the preferences several times but it keeps forgetting the location and showing that the files are missing.

The configuration is not in .local, it is stored in GSettings. I do have seen this behavior as well that you seem to be unable to set the library folder in the setting, but why that happens I still do not understand.

You can try to set the folder with gsettings directly; the command depends a bit on the version you are using

Are you using a flatpak or a system install of shotwell?

I figured out the problem was because the scratch drive that the pictures were being stored on was not mounting at start up. Thank you for the replies.

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