Shortcut for the Control Panel in Overview


I’ve been trying to find which command opens up the Control Panel in the top right in the Overview mode, but I’ve had no luck.

To be very clear what I want:

When I press the Super button the Overview appears in which I can view my desktops, current datetime in the top middle, apps in bottom and the control panel in the top right. I want to create a shortcut that opens up the Control Panel automatically without me having to drag my cursor to the top right.

In Windows the shortcut is Win+A, that opens up the “Control Panel” or whatever it is called. I want that same functionality in Gnome.


Edit 1

I forgot to mention I am using Debian 12 and also that I have an extension called “Just Perfection” installed with which I modified my desktop a bit.

Is Super + S what you are looking for?


no unfortunately Super+S doesn’t do anything on my system, I added an edit with extra information about my system.

Super + S has been added in GNOME 45. Debian 12 only ships 43.

Is there anything I can do here do create such a shortcut?

Is there anything I can do here do create such a shortcut?

There was no keyboard action for that menu before Gnome 45, so there’s nothing to assign a key to.

The CHC-E extension allows you to set a keyboard shortcut for the menu. However, it currently opens at the mouse pointer position. I’ll update it so that the keyboard shortcut opens it at the default position if the panel is visible.

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