Shift + home/end behaves differently with numpad keys on GNOME apps

I can’t recall exactly when this changed (it was before GNOME 45 for sure), but regardless, I was wondering why pressing shift + home or end keys doesn’t select the corresponding text anymore on GNOME apps (shift+home should select all chars from cursor position to the start of the current line, and shift+end should do the same towards the end of the line).

Is there any setting I could change to get the old behavior back?

That is still working here. Which applications is this failing in?

I would say all the gtk4 apps AFAICS: gedit, Text Editor, Apostrophe… even on text fields. Pressing shift+home acts as if shift was not pressed (cursor just moves to the beginning of the line). Same goes for shift+end.

It works as expected on non-gtk4 apps, such as Firefox. ctrl+shift+arrows also work as expected (previous/next word is selected), even on gtk4 apps.

(EDIT: rephrased to make the text less confusing)

gedit is a gtk3 app, so this does not seem to be related to gtk4. Maybe it has something to do with input methods. Does it start working again after killing ibus?

Good point on gedit still being gtk3. Still, it seems to be specific to GNOME since non-gtk apps (Firefox, Telegram, Chrome) work as expected.

I killed ibus on my current session using ibus exit (should I have done anything else?), but the problem persists. Any other tips will be more than welcome.

Is the behavior the same for newly created users? What distro do you use?

Yes, I just created a new user to test it, it is reproducible (I killed ibus for this test user as well).

Sorry for the oversight, I forgot to mention: I am using Fedora 40 (GNOME 46), but it has been happening at least since Fedora 39 (GNOME 45).

I just did some more testing, and I guess I finally understood what is going on: pressing shift + the Home key does work as expected; however, pressing the numpad 7 key (with numlock disabled, which should map to Home) just sends the cursor to the beginning of the line. Due to the keyboard layout, I normally just use numpad keys.

@skeller if you have a numpad, could you please test the behavior with the numpad equivalents to Home and End and see if you get the same results I get?

Unfortunately I don’t have a numpad.

Hello @RogueOne!

I reproduce your bug with the keypad in Text Editor, but not in Firefox.

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Thanks @Mikenux ! That sounds like something reproducible, then. I just filed issue 6660.