[Settings] Pipewire noise cancelling option

Pipewire offers the ability to create a noise-cancelling source:

  1. Install AUR (en) - noise-suppression-for-voice
  2. Create this: ~/.config/systemd/user/pipewire-input-filter-chain.service
    with this content:
Description=PipeWire Input Filter Chain

ExecStart=/usr/bin/pipewire -c /usr/share/pipewire/filter-chain/source-rnnoise.conf

  1. Enable the user service: systemctl enable --user --now pipewire-input-filter-chain.service
  2. Select “Noise Cancelling” source in Settings.

This way, one can have a sound source that uses RNNoise to eliminate the noise that can come from a microphone. It’s very useful for built-in laptop mics, for example, as they tend to pick a lot of surrounding noise (not to mention the keyboard).

I wanted to ask what would you think if, instead of all this, Settings’s Sound section had a tick where this happened transparently. Would this be something interesting to have?

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