Setting text colour in GtkEditable label while it's being edited (Gtk4)

I can’t change the colour of text in a GtkEditableLabel when it’s being edited. Inspector shows that it contains a stack with two child nodes, “label” and “text”. All the nodes, including label, have the color style I want to use, except text which is always white (when using the dark theme). I’ve tried using editablelabel > stack > text as my selector, with and without :focus and :highlight etc, but nothing works.

Inspector also shows the filename that provides the style it’s actually using, but I can’t refer to it, because it’s a resource which only ever exists as a file while building GTK.

Do you know that you can change colors and other text attributes of gtk labels with pango text attributes?

I gave some label examples in the GTK4 Nim book, see subsection " Pango Text Attributes" example label4.nim in GTK4 for Graphical User Interfaces

Well it is not an editable label, and I did not try to modify colors while entering text, but I would guess that it should work in a similar way.

Note that in the past some people had problems changing colors when using Glade XML files, see gtk3 - GTK+3 change text color in a label (raspberry pi) - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Hm, that could work, but GtkEditableLabel doesn’t have an official API for accessing its children like that. I know it’s possible, but I’d rather find a solution that doesn’t involve poking around in its innards.

I think the problem is that the default style is being applied by a rather specific CSS selector, so I need to find a selector that’s even more specific to be able to override it.

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Yes you are right, the GtkEditableLabel seems to be very different from the ordinary GtkLabel. And it is very restricted, maybe only intended for very special use cases.

this works fine in quick testing:

editablelabel stack text {
  color: yellow;
  background: red;

editablelabel stack text selection {
  color: red;
  background: yellow;

editablelabel stack label {
  color: white;
  background: green;
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