September engagement marketing meeting minutes

September engagement meeting minutes. Enjoy.


  • Sri
  • Molly
  • Caroline
  • Kristi
  • Rosanna


  • Last meeting notes

  • Fall Fundraiser Update

  • Monthly Foundation Newsletter Update

  • Diversity and Inclusion Team (not actually an engagement issue)

  • Action item: Need to create a list of roles that organizers of events need

  • Action item for kristi

  • Action : Connect @Molly and @Thib to discuss monthly report

  • Friends of gnome are public for everyone. We will turn the friends of gnome into a more geenral newsletter and we will turn the sign ups.

  • Action: @Kristi will open an issue for the monthly report and tag people for updates.

  • Action Caroline to look at and decide if we want to share blogs there

  • We will not autopost the blogs there.

Fall Fundraiser Update

  • Meeting next week again (6 October)
  • We are looking for people who want to be involved.

Monthly Foundation Newsletter Update

  • GNOME Cache

Diversity and Inclusion Team (not actually an engagement issue)

  • @Sri will contact people to join

On-boarding Process

  • @Sri has talked with mentors and how to get more mentors.

The idea and focus is to connect mentors with interns and turn it into a good communication.

During the meetings there were discussion on how to make newcomers more comfortable and add metrics, how to bring back people and turn them into mentors.

The goal is to look at how the project operates and scale teams. Looking into what does the growth mean.To create measurable goals on the project.

  • Molly to send a formal email of GNOME.
  • Action: Sri and Caroline to connect about setting up press email and signup

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