September 2021 Engagement marketing meeting notes

Engagement Team Meeting, September 27th 2021


  • Sponsorship/Fundraising
  • GNOME.Asia sponsorship
  • Job Board
  • Ways to support above


  • Caroline
  • Rosanna
  • Daniel
  • Kristi
  • Melissa

Meeting Notes


  • Corporate sponsorship for GUADEC went well, slower for GNOME Asia and general sponsors - Sponsorship- lets try to make some more noise.
  • We need as many points of contact and communicators as possible advertising for sponsorship in general and for events help with sharing social posts and promoting, but also help with strategy and planning.
  • Let’s start hosting a small even every two months and welcome our community and other communties

Action item: Need to pick a time and date for a launch and plan promotion on social and discourse - Melissa and Kristi will coordinate more details.

  • We’re alos rethinking the Friends of GNOME group. How can we make it more useful to the members and learn what they want out of the group.
  • Will start with a Friends of GNOME social hour during GNOME Asia

Action item: Setup a future meeting to discuss possible perks for FoG.

Job Board

  • New page on GNOME-Related Jobs – The GNOME Foundation
  • Event sponsors have the opportunity to share jobs with our community, but these currently only live on the event pages
  • We’ve built a new page on the website to capture these jobs and share them long-term
  • Would also be nice to include internships.


  • We officially extended the CfP
  • We need more submissions
  • Registration is also open - but we have been focusing more on CfP
  • GNOME.Asia website is out of date - we don’t know who has access to it or controls it
  • GNOME Asia twitter also needs to be updated - Melissa and Caroline can put together 5-10 tweets for them to share.
  • GNOME Asia logo has been selected and announced through email - seems some submissions were missed or not notified, Kristi will check with this
  • For swag and merch either local team designer can work on this or art files can be sent to Caroline to continue merch design
  • Sponsors like to know registration numbers before committing, this information would be helpful.

GNOME Africa

  • Doing some work on university outreach in Africa.
  • Have recieved some notes that people would like to host outreach in their universities so we will be reaching out to them.

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