Self-hosted discourse question

Hey all (but particularly site admins). As I understand it, this is a self-hosted discourse instance. I’m curious if:

  • there are any local customizations, and
  • what plugins you have installed and are using?

You can see how we deploy Discourse in the discourse-web repository.

We currently have the following plugins enabled:

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Just to expand, the deployment uses the gnome branch, and the repo itself is a soft fork of webservices / discourse-cern · GitLab. Occasionally I pull in CERN’s changes, but overall we only bump the base image to the version specified at and simply rebuild the image when a new Discourse version is released.

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Cool, thanks. Just as a note, oauth2 and “solved” would be available in the “Business” hosting plan for Discourse, but LDAP and saved searches would not (Enterprise plan required).

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