Select newer message after delete

Hi, is there a way for Geary to select the next newer message after Trash or Archive ? Currently it selects the previous (older) message or no selection, depending on config. I like to read through the message list in chrono order, bottom to top. After Trash or Archive on the current message, I want to see the next message (newer).


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There’s a preference option “Automatically select next message”, but it seems that it selects the previous message actually. If checked, after deleting or archiving the older/previous message is selected instead of the newer/next message. I think it’s a bug?

Also I remember that hovering the preferences used to display a description text, but this is not happening here: Fedora 33, Geary version 3.37.90 (rpm from Fedora repository).

The help says:

Automatically select next message
When this option is enabled, Geary automatically selects the latest message in a folder when you enter the folder. In addition, after archiving a message, Geary automatically selects an adjacent message.

“An adiacent message” is vague…

See also issue 49: feature request opened on Gitlab two years ago and closed in favour of a Bugzilla issue?!?
I’m confused… @mjog can you please explain?

That made a lot more sense back when it looked like Geary’s bz bugs might actually get imported into GitLab. :wink: Just reopened it then.

I figured out how to do this with GTK CSS file. See: here

You need to have “Automatically select next message” option turned on.

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