Select multiple files with -s and nautilus cli flags

The -s option from the command line does not seem to have the desired effect.

Don’t run this but

nautilus -s ~/*

will open a new window for each selected file, I want all my files selected in one window

nautilus -s folder1 -s folder2

also opens in two windows.

In addition if you run -s on a hidden file (name begins with a dot) there is no way to tell what you have selected unless you had hidden files set to show before hand. I am sure that there is a way to enable showing hidden files with a separate command but I think a flag for nautilus would be a good idea.

One more thing, the man page says that the common gnome flags also apply. Where can I find out what these common flags are? I think it should tell you where these flags are listed, rather than that they just exist.

I think nautilus --help-all shows all supported flags.

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