Seeking freelance developer/consultant experienced with GIMP for planning new plugins and/or features

I would like to talk to someone who can authoritatively give me an idea of the viability of several plugin or feature concepts. If viable… I would propose to hire someone as a consultant to help:

  1. Outline in detail what it would take to make them happen (enough so that I can manage the work) and

  2. Provide an estimate for development costs.

  3. If possible help me find someone who can most economically do the work needed.

My hope is that in accomplishing this I would be able to support someone who perhaps has actively helped develop GIMP and wants to bring attention to or further develop the capabilities of the software.

Hi there -

although I had not been too active in the project lately, I can help you with that .
Of course, no problem if someone else step up -I might even provide some mentorship.

otherwise, to arrange passing down details, or even a call, write me at


Thank you for your consideration.

A little bit about me so you can understand where I am coming from. My background is in design and so I have been involved mostly in the visual aspects creating images as well as some web coding HTML, CSS, animation/interactivity scripting in the past. I have mainly been involved though with photo-retouching in a commercial environment, I worked at GANNETT in Des Moines Iowa with the Imaging & Design Center (now known as designIQ) from 2007-2015.

I did take a C++ class in university where I managed to get through most of the course until I had to start writing code to implement object-oriented concepts. I believe I understand the concept of modularization… but for some reason I struggled to proficiently write and debug code that works without help from someone more proficient… at least anything beyond very simple examples. So I have some understanding… but I’m not proficient in actually making something work when it comes to writing it out and testing/debugging.

That being said…

What I would like to accomplish is:

to develop a “History Brush Tool” for GIMP. The History Brush is a tool available in Adobe Photoshop.


Some people have developed a workaround for this to recreate the History Brush in GIMP


Although this workaround does technically work… it becomes a bit unwieldy and restrictive for operators like myself retouching photos in a commercial setting where in order to have a profitable day I need to turn around hundreds of photos per workday (which I can accomplish in Photoshop with the history brush).

I believe for many photo-retouchers like me this is the one tool that is standing in the way of me making GIMP a commercially viable tool for a self-employed designer.

This said I would like to develop a plugin or tool/feature in/for GIMP that exactly as possible accomplishes the condensed/simplified workflow of the history brush tool in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP.

I would very much appreciate your understanding regarding the viability of developing this feature/tool for GIMP. If there is/are specific detail/s in the existing program that would make this difficult it would help to have a brief explanation. For me viability comes down to time & cost.

1.) How much time to develop?
2.) and what level of skill/salary($$$)

would be needed by the person to sit down and complete the programming/testing/debugging?

Thank you.

Nicolas Haman

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