Search current folder

So Nautilus can search in three ways:

  • In the current folder and subfolders (if you type, or press Ctrl+F);
  • “Everywhere”: in Gnome 45 — click the button while in standard search; in Gnome 46 — click the top left button or Ctrl+Shift+F;
  • In folder, but not in subfolders — in locations where subfolder search is disabled in preferences. If you want this, you lose the first type of search.

The second type of search got extra visibility in 46 (while making the interface slightly more confusing). The third type is convenient for navigation, and it would be nice to have it more available.

Hi, there are plans to only search recursively in folders that are indexed (aka fast search). With local results shown on top that should improve the navigation use case by being simpler. Optimally the results would be shown in different sections, but the used GTK widgets lack capability for that currently.

there are plans to only search recursively in folders that are indexed

Would this mean search wouldn’t work at all in distributions like Clear Linux, which ship ( or did when I last used it 2 years ago ) with tracker and tracker-miner disabled?

I don’t like the idea of a “tracker only” search, because I’ve experienced problems with it. Sometimes nothing comes up when you do an overview search, or it silently hangs on a file when indexing.

I share a similar concern to @BarryBanana irt a Tracker indexing requirement.

Nautilus 46 recursive search is pretty great as-is, anywhere in my various filesystems and mounts, with zero indexed files.

$ tracker3 status 
Currently indexed: 0 files, 0 folders
Remaining space on database partition: 61.7 GB (62.88%)
All data miners are idle, indexing complete

Thank you!

Sounds good to me. Separation would indeed be nice.

I share a similar concern to @BarryBanana irt a Tracker indexing requirement.

Recursive search would still be available, but not automatically started anytime something is searched. I imagine that the current option to always search recursively would remain, but the default would change to never search non-indexed folders recursively.

Nautilus 46.0 recursive search in non-indexed folders is lightning fast for me.

In my projects (not IT) directories — which tracker doesn’t index — I have about 4,000 directories, nested 6 levels deep with 50,000 files total and it takes a fraction of a second for a recursive search to complete, even if the search term is overly broad and has over a thousand matches.

I have pretty decent hardware which plays a role but over the past year it has gotten faster and faster which each release and 46 really steals the show. Kudos to all the work that went into this!

Thank you for the clarification.

right, so recursive will kick in when I search a location that isn’t indexed. all good. thanks!