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Sorry but Gnome newbie here…I downloaded and installed a new version of an app, then I press the search hotkey and type the app’s name in, I see the app’s icon and click on it but the old version runs.
How do I control what lists in the search? How can i see which app the icons listed are invoking?

Hmm, shouldn’t often end up with two versions of the same app (how did you manage that)

Unfortunately there isn’t really a way to tell the difference other than manually editing the .desktop to change the display name

Well the vendor issued a major upgrade, so not a patch. I downloaded it then ran the .sh file to install but I don’t really know where to invoke it from.
How do I find the destination of an app once its been installed?

Well if your running random scripts who knows, fortunately since you care about the desktop entry not the “app” per se your looking at /usr/share/applications

Of course that will likely have hundreds of files in it but you should be able to find it as ${APPID}.desktop or the older-style ${APPNAME}.desktop. Of course working out which is new vs old is another matter

Really this is an issue for $vendor who are shipping their app weird, ask them to use flatpak (or whatever package format your distro might favour)

Thanks, I’ll ask them.

Not saying it’s that, but one thing that might happen is that the application didn’t close (it might for example continue running in background), so even if the upgrade worked, it’s the in-memory application that is called when clicking on the icon. So be sure the application has completely terminated (closing and reopening the session, or things like that).

It is phpstorm, I have a feeling it keeps all the old versions, it doesn’t purge them but I’m still unclear about how to make sure you’re starting the right one.

Oh it’s clear it’s keeping the old versions - you’ve ended up with two launchers because apparently the new version has a new desktopid - what @arnaudb is suggesting is that the app only runs one instance at a time so both icons would just focus any already running instance

Right, but it happens at startup so I don’t think there’s a background instance running.

As a Debian+Gnome newbie, how should I install a upgraded app like this? Would you check in .sh file to find where it was going and what sort of edit its doing in the .desktop file?

Really shouldn’t be installing apps with random sh files anyway, who knows what that does and probably not easily reversible, $vendor should be providing a flatpak (or a deb, since your on debian) package

Honestly if anyone know how to upgrade your app it’s the people that made it, even then I have doubts

Really the best you can do is what I suggested before, find and rename the old launcher

I just rechecked the JetBrains site and definitely when you go to get the software for Linux you get a big Download button which gives you a tgz file - what should one do with this? (I just ran the sh file inside)

This is not a JetBrains forum, I’m not paid by JetBrains and I don’t personally use JetBrains software so I can’t really help you with that one :slight_smile:

If your paying them - which it sounds like you are - I suggest you open a support ticket with them asking for better packaging

Yes I know, but I was thinking that given they’re quite a kosher vendor that this sort of dilemma crops up a quite a lot and what I should do about it…short of raising a ticket especially to those I’m not paying anything to!

Not sure “run this script” is a particularly “kosher” way to distribute an app

Even if your not paying JetBrains it’s still their app misbehaving ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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