Seahorse - Still on development?


Seahorse wasn’t updated for some time (October 2022).
What is the actual state of this app?
Are there any plans for new functions?


Hello :wave: The last change on Seahorse’ repo related to the software (excluding chores/translations) was made in October of 2023: ssh: Refactor SSH key parsing (87a5e531) · Commits · GNOME / Passwords and Secrets · GitLab

So it has been worked on more recently than 2022, but it does look like it is not in active development, although it still is receiving translation updates every so often (last one 4 days ago as of posting.)

Sorry if this is not of much help. It really depends on the developer, but you can always keep up with the latest development at the repo.

See also Key Rack.

The latest This Week in GNOME post says “We welcome Felix in the team :tada:. Felix is helping towards making Key Rack a viable password manager for the GNOME desktop.”

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I’ve read it. But should it replace Seahorse?
Also for OpenPG keys?

No, Key Rack is not meant for GPG/SSH/SSL keys: Missing pieces and comparison with Seahorse (#7) · Issues · Sophie Herold / Key Rack · GitLab

I guess it would help if you provided some more context of what kind of new functions you’re looking for.

@ebassi Thanks for clarifing it.

I was asking for Seahorse because I’m using it for managing/creating my OpenPG keys.
Is it planned to organize S/MIME keys?