ScroledWindow ignore scroll when go to overshot

Is there a way to scroll “outside” when my scrolled window go to overshot? The only way I found is disable it so I can continue scrolling but is a problem to reenable, also is a boring hack.

In combo box there is a event to get and silent scrolling but I couldent find in Scrolled Window.
Thanks in advance, your help Improve Inkscape Dialogs.

I finaly find how to fix. I put the code if anyone help it: (c++)

CHILDSCOLLBAR->signal_scroll_event().connect([=](GdkEventScroll* event) { 
    GdkScrollDirection direction = event->direction;
    if (direction == GDK_SCROLL_SMOOTH) {
      if (event->delta_y > 0) {
        direction = GDK_SCROLL_DOWN;
      } else {
        direction = GDK_SCROLL_UP;
    if (direction == GDK_SCROLL_DOWN && (adjustment->get_value() + adjustment->get_page_size()) == adjustment->get_upper()) {
      return true;
    } else if (direction == GDK_SCROLL_UP && adjustment->get_value() == adjustment->get_lower()) {
      return true;
    return false;

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