Scripts/plugins GIMP 2.x versus GIMP 2.99.x


Is there a reason most GIMP 2.x scripts/plugins won’t work in GIMP 2.99.x because of some big changes?

Or is GIMP 2.99.x changed so much that all scripts/plugins for GIMP 2.x won’t run in GIMP 2.99.x and the developers need to adjust them to work?

Being not a developer, I don’t really have a view on this.
So I hope somebody can explain.

AFAIK, Gimp 2.99 introduced recently multi-layer selection, and since most scripts & plugins take an input layer, they know take a list of layers. So script/plugin registration changed somewhat to reflect this.

Python plugins need serious rework (migrate to Python3 and API changes), and the support of auto-generated parameter dialogs was incomplete last time I checked.

IMHO for regular work you are still better off with 2.10.

Your scripts will not work in Gimp 2.99 or am I wrong?
Is there a way the code can be changed so they work in BOTH GIMP versions?
(or maybe this is a stupid question of a non-developer :blush: )

Currently too much work for a moving target. For instance the addition of multi-selection occured after I worked on a couple of scripts. And the auto-generated dialogs are too incomplete, so the only script I could migrate now ware those that have very few parameters, restricted to some types (layers, mostly).

Hi! What would you say is missing from the auto-generated dialog API at this point? We’re almost done porting the existing built-in plug-ins to use it, so if any other widgets need to be added to the API I’d be happy to submit code.

Hi. I have been porting some of my personal plugins encountering various problems along the way. The biggest problem I have with the autogenerated dialogs is the absence of any way to make a choice. I often need to have something as simple as a checkbox and it is not possible using Python. Yet clearly all of the choice widgets are there in Gtk and can be used from C.