Screenshot window sizer - Keybindings

How to add keybindings for using the "Screenshot window sizer" extension ?

The default shortcut is Ctrl+Atl+s.

There is no UI for changing it other than dconf-editor, or gsettings as a non-GUI option.

The default shortcut is Ctrl+Atl+s.

This should be documented somewhere.

Any reason why this extension is not integrated into "GNOME Shell" core, and the action exported to be available in the keyboard shortcut feature in "GNOME Settings"

Sure, but there is no immediately obvious place of “somewhere”. Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Yes. “Resize a window to a size that is suitable for appdata screenshots” is completely irrelevant for anyone who isn’t maintaining an app. sounds good enough for now, since clicking on "Website" button in Extensions goes there, and that is where the descriptions of all inbuilt extensions reside.


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