Screenshot and Screen"cast" date formats different

Has anyone noticed the date formats for screenshots, and screen"casts" are different?
screenshots use a sane, useful yyyy-mm-dd format which will sort properly over time.
screen"casts" use a terrible, unusable mm-dd-yyyy format

It looks like there no longer is a seperate program for screenshots/recordings as of the year 2022 gnome 42.4. right?

I checked for processes that came and went when taking a recording and didn’t notice any… Great.

I checked dcong for screencast/shot to look for a file format string, and nope.


How do we fix this now? The date formats should obey a user’s default locale settings. At very least they should be the same. And there should be a dconf setting to specify where you want them to save to, and what format names to use.

And also. a note for perhaps non-english-speakers: “cast” signifies a broadCAST, or transmission of data over distance. The video recording feature of gnome’s screenshots do not broadcast. so it can not be called a “screencast”. It is a screenrecording, as unfortunate and untrendy as those extra sylables are, they are necessary at this time.

Yes, the screenshot/cast functionality is built in to Gnome Shell now.

I see the same issue with screencasts. They use a DD-MM-YY hh:mm:ss format. That matches the default datatime for my locale. Screenshots as you say use YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss format which BTW also avoids the problematic : in the filename (you can’t put files with : in their name on DOS/Windows/macOS filesystems).

Looks like the screencast filename is initialized here: But I can’t find how/where the %d %t gets replaced. I agree with you, screencasts should use the same datetime format as screenshots.

                const [success, path] = await method(
                        /* Translators: this is the folder where recorded
                           screencasts are stored. */
                        /* Translators: this is a filename used for screencast
                         * recording, where "%d" and "%t" date and time, e.g.
                         * "Screencast from 07-17-2013 10:00:46 PM.webm" */
                        /* xgettext:no-c-format */
                        _('Screencast from %d %t.webm'),

Yes, and it has been fixed:

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