Screencast clone of GNOME screenshot

GNOME screenshot is pretty good with the latest improvements in 3.38.


I am looking for an exact clone to capture screencasts ( i.e. record - screen / window / selection ).

Is there any such utility for GNOME?


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GNOME includes a built-in screen recording tool :

But it is not a professional driver; it is good for short and quick capture of screen.

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'Print Screen'
'Alt + Print Screen'
'Shift + 'Print Screen'

keyboard shortcuts, are understandable because there is 'Prt Scr' key in keyboard.

But, 'Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R' shortcut for recording screencasts ? Sounds really weird.

Anyways, I tried using it. It seems to make the screen updates slower, while recording, which is not good for the issue I am trying to record. Will try other tools.


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