Scaling issues with 4K monitor and Wayland

The cursor appears tiny and does not scale with the rest of the application. Also the header bar is thicker than in other applications. The word Overview is clipped off in the second “e” as it does not fit within the space of the button.

Ubuntu 20.04.2
screen resolution 3840x2160 (scale of 200% is selected in Settings)

Deja-Dup snap 42.7 2021-01-14 (427)

Note: the cursor scale is correct when used in an X11 session, but the other issues remain.

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Interesting, especially about the word Overview being clipped, even in X11. I have not played with huge resolutions and scaling though, so maybe that’s it. I’ll try to test.

Are you using GNOME with the default Ubuntu theme?

Yes, in Settings under Appearance, Standard is selected.

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In Gnome Tweaks I do have extensions turned on, including User Themes. However toggling extensions on/off had no effect on appearance of deja-dup snap.

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Attempt to add screenshot:

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@mterry I should add that I am really pleased with how the deja-dup snap has been working. This report was only intended for the continued improvement of the snap.

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I wasn’t able to reproduce myself, but I don’t have a 4k monitor. I’ve opened a ticket about this on our gitlab issue tracker.

I can’t promise a swift resolution, because I can’t reproduce it and the symptom isn’t severe. But having a ticket will help it be remembered more than a forum post.

Can you subscribe to that ticket maybe, so if I do attempt a fix, you can verify it? These forum posts close after 14 days of inactivity, and it might be longer than that.

But anyway, thank you for your report! If I get my hand on a 4k monitor, I’ll test again. I’m guessing it has to do with a packaged library (libhandy?) being too old or too new for 20.04’s other packages.

@mterry I installed the deja-dup snap in Ubuntu 21.04 (in development) and things look much better. Cursor still does not scale properly. See Screenshot:

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