Rygel Transcoding Recommended Configuration Settings

Currently trying to configure RYGEL media server with the “transcoding” feature.
So far I find information that says that rygel can do this but I can not find how, or an example.

My goal is to stream a .mp4 file that contains video and audio, but allow the client to access only to the audio and not the video.

Apparently it should be something like this in the rygel.conf file:

AudioTranscode = audio/* → audio/x-ac3
VideoTranscode = video/mp4 → audio/mpeg

The changes in the configuration don’t prevent the view of the video by a client.

I appreciate some support.


That is not possible. Transcoding happens transparently for a fixed set of target formats to improve compatibility with different devices.

Wherever you got that snippet from, that does not work and is wrong.

If you need random transmuxing, mixing and stream massaging, Rygel is probably not for you

Ok, so if i have my .mp4 file i can not configure rygel or one plugin with rygel in order to stream it with a codec that I want, is that correct?

If you have one dedicated file that you want to expose like that, you can use the GstLaunch plugin and add a custom pipeline using filesrc etc. to do your transcoding. But not for random files.

Excellent, I will try to use GstLaunch

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