Rygel as renderer proxy


I just installed rygel as my media server on an raspberry pi and everything works so far!

What I would like to get done, too is to make my stereo “visible” as DLNA renderer in my wlan.
The situation looks like this:
stereo -- raspberry -- controller rygel-server 192.168.0.x
The stereo sees the rygel-server as do my control apps from the wlan.
Due to the nature of DLNA the stereo is not visible as the multicasts do not cross lan boundaries.

So I’m looking to somehow proxy my stereo.
Is this possible with rygel?

Any idea would be appreciated!


No, I am sorry, Rygel cannot do that for you and while it would be possible to implement such a thing with GUPnP (and maybe dLeyna) it might be far easier to set up multicast routing

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