Running the Python Rygel examples on Ubuntu

I was looking to try out the simple server example at on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine but I cannot because there doesn’t seem to be any GIR typelib files in the Ubuntu Rygel packages. Do I have that right? I appreciate this might be an Ubuntu packaging issue but I wanted to check I am not doing something stupid here. I am a bit reluctant to build from source because I’ve never used Meson before and I can’t find any build instructions on the Rygel websites. And more importantly, if the typelib files are not packaged for Ubuntu then distributing anything I build will be an uphill battle. Perhaps this explains why I can’t find any projects on Github using the Rygel Python bindings. Whereas there are a few projects using the MediaServer2 DBUS interface - is that a better approach to take?

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Yes, I checked, this seems the case. there are no typelib packages and even the -dev package is missing the GIR.

Yes, sorry. They somehow got lost… There is a short explanation in this issue:

That is still the preferred approach, I think. The lib should be used if you need greater control and hit the limits of the DBus interface or you cannot have DBus.

Thanks @jensgeorg that’s a really helpful reply. I was wondering if they were missing from the deb because there’s no Debian package .install file (that I could find) referencing them, smilar to what Gstreamer has . Or maybe something else entirely, I won’t pretend to be an expert.

Thanks for the build instructions but I will go with the DBUS interface and see how I get on. If it’s good enough for Rhythmbox it should be more than good enough for me. I through the server API would be less moving parts and easier to setup but I’m happy to take the tried-and-tested path. Thanks again.

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