Running a desktop session from BuildStream?

Hi all! Getting back to poking at my gnome-shell/g-s-d screenshot patches, and hoping to find a better way to test my patches in a coordinated way than what I was doing last time (manually running gnome-shell from jhbuild and hoping the g-s-d part didn’t explode)… :wink:

I noticed some old instructions for setting up a desktop session built with jhbuild but, at the moment jhbuild fails to build vala and I can’t get a build going just yet.

In the past I’ve had more stability building with BuildStream, but the instructions still say there’s no good solution for testing the shell, with the possible future creation of bootable images mentioned.

Has anyone tried hooking up the BuildStream output to a desktop session similar to the jhbuild instructions, or alternately did that bootable image idea ever come to pass? I can’t find a clear reference searching so far, and thought I’d ask before duplicating effort if it’s been done before. :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

Bootable images are still planned but are not yet ready.

The instructions say “there’s no good solution”. With enough hackery it would be possible to create a desktop session similar to the jhbuild instructions. I don’t know if anyone has actually done this yet, though.

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