Right place for collaboration, recoloring Adwaita


I’ve been reading here and there about some kind of Adwaita recoloring API being in the works. As a distribution maintainer I would like to have the functionality of setting the gtk accent color from the gnome settings (individual applications overwriting this setting is totally fine). I would like to collaborate with upstream with this. Is this something that might be accepted to upstream at some point, and what would be the correct place to discuss this?

Currently we use our own gtk theme that is essentially just recolored adwaita, but we would prefer not to do so to ensure the application stability.


Hey there :slight_smile: From my perspective, this is definitely something I want to see in libadwaita. I’m working on the recoloring API — which is for app developers — but I plan on making a proposal for accent colors that can be modified by the vendor and users. If you want to chat, #libadwaita:gnome.org on Matrix is the place.


Thanks! I’ll drop by when I have an opportunity.

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