Rhythmbox & Files do not detect artists, album names, etc

Distribution: Fedora 35 Workstation
GNOME version: 41.0

While Elisa correctly displays the album and artist for each track in my library, Rhythmbox & GNOME Files display all tracks as being of unknown genre, by unknown artists, of unknown albums, and published in unknown years.

If there’s anything I can do about this on my own system, I’d appreciate help with that. If this is a bug, help submitting a bug report would be great.

Have made some tests on my system.

I can reproduce the error in Nautilus, however there are two interesting points:

  1. It only applies to the packaged Nautilus, not to the nightly Flatpak.
  2. It also only certain files (mp3 and ogg, but for example not m4a).

Can’t say anything about Rhythmbox though, as I am not using it.

So, it seems like there is some issue for Nautilus to detect the metadata, but it seems to be resolved in a newer version… Or it may just be that something in the Fedora package is wrong.

I would say this is a bug, but I am not sure where you should report it. If it affects Nautilus and Rhythmbox, I would guess the problem lies in a shared library retrieving the metadata. I think Nautilus uses Tracker for that, but Tracker itself detects the data correctly (try this out with tracker3 info $FILE), so I am not sure what exactly goes wrong.

Might be a good idea to first start out on the clients with bug reports, the issues can be moved if the problematic module is found…
You could report it at the Nautilus repository. Ideally you should provide a music file for the developers so they can reproduce it, and also provide the information about what metadata should be visible.


What version of gstreamer1-plugins-base do you use? If it is 1.19.2 it might be discoverer: behavioural regression with tags handling changes (#759) · Issues · GStreamer / gstreamer. For tracker it’s not important what the current version is, but what version was used to extract the metadata. So if you were using an older version then, it would still have the metadata.


I am indeed using gstreamer1-plugins-base 1.19.2-1.fc35.

Fixed after upgrading to gstreamer1-plugins-base 1.19.3-1.fc35. I had to remove my music files from my Rhythmbox library and import them back, but Files displayed the correct information without any additional effort.

I don’t see any option to select a solution for this thread, but I think it’s solved.

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