Rhythmbox design

For god sake people, let me improve the design of this player. We are not in 1990’s

Unless you have repeatedly tried to contact the authors on the matter without success, I think you start a tiny bit overheated.

Anyway, there are others music players for GNOME with wildly different design, probably most notable Music. Maybe it’d be more to your liking? I don’t know the design goals of Rhythmbox, but they might possibly conflict with yours if you feel so strongly about it.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t try and work with the Rhythmbox authors to see what could be improved, though, I’m pretty sure they’d appreciate input. Yet, bear in mind they might not share your view – or yet they might.


I did contact long time ago, and it was said to me functionality and lightweight is important more and if i want design to go KDE. Then i think i need to contact Ubuntu and other popular distros to ask them to not deploy such a player that has 1990 design when people install systems. It’s just not good

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