RFE: File sorting (and acting) feature

Everything comes as download these days: invoices, bank accounts, rail tickets - whatever. At the end of the day, we need to sort these files into certain directories called “invoices”, “bank account”, “rail tickets” etc. Some of these files need to be printed or processed else.

Thus, I’d like to have a file sort feature in GNOME, which watches certain folders of my choice (“Downloads”, “files-to-be-printed”) etc. When a file of a certain name comes in, it will be processed due to my setup.
Eg: My bank accounts all follow the name structure 68176876_<year>_Nr.<month>_Kontoauszug_vom_<date>.pdf. With little regex, they can be sorted into the “bank accounts” dir.

It should be quite easy to implement that with inotify - unluckily, being just a dumb user, I could not make it work reasonably as a shell script - that one attached creates too much system load.

Apple introduced such a feature years ago - this may be a not too important argument.

Desired features

  • some help for creating the right set of regex (as done nicely in “thunar batch file rename”)
  • an option to move or copy the file
  • an option for a command line to be executed or a script to be called
  • maybe useful: A control to set up watch intensity (checks per second) to limit system load


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